Where The Sky Meets The Land

Slowly drifting through the air, seeing the land slip away from above.

One continuous, deeply ambient drone.

The final part in the drone trilogy that includes
Where The Land Meets The Sea and Where The Sea Meets The Sky.

Total running time: 2:27:00

Released 16 August 2017

All music, design and photography by The ambient drones of Bill Baxter.

Reviews of Where The Sky Meets The Land

This final installment in the "Land-Sea-Sky" trilogy brings to a close a wondrous musical adventure through the natural elements.

The ambient drones of Bill Baxter took us on a 12 hour voyage of immersion and exploration of musical ideas rich with innovation and complexity.

Land > Sea > Sky > Land ... we've come full circle, ready for another odyssey into the beyond. An epic project, a must for your ambient collection!

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