Songs of The Desert

To mark the 2 year anniversary of this project, we bring you one monumental continuous ambient drone for your listening pleasure.

Over 24 hours of slow, deep, mesmerising ambient soundscapes.

Escape and drift with the music or let it be your background atmosphere.

Total running time: 25:59:38

Released 10 March 2018

All music written, performed and produced by The ambient drones of Bill Baxter.

Album photography and design by by The ambient drones of Bill Baxter.

Reviews of Songs of The Desert

At over 24 hours in length, "Songs of the Desert" is more than an album, it's a musical experience to enjoy the whole day long.

The never-ending, constantly evolving drone oscillations become a part of you just as air, light, darkness and other elements become a part of your overall ambience.

Bill Baxter provides an engaging and immersive 24 hours of pure atmospheric sound. Listen and become one with the music. Perhaps you are what you hear ...?

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