A slow, drifting journey through space.

No beats. No melody. Few actual notes to speak of.
Just slowly changing atmospheric soundscapes for your listening pleasure.

Total running time: 3:41:00

Released 18 August 2019

All music written, performed and produced by The ambient drones of Bill Baxter, July 2019.

Design and photography by The ambient drones of Bill Baxter.
Cover photograph: John Ryland's Library, Manchester, August 2019.

Reviews of Disorienteering

Played at low to medium volume, DISORIENTEERING provides the ideal musical ambience for modern residential settings, for museums or art galleries, for airports and tunnels; and for all scientific structures such as overt / covert military installations and laboratories.

With this release Bill Baxter delivers a wonderfully hi-tech ambient droning experience that keeps you on the edge of music technology. Superb!

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