Short Stories volume two


  1. Willborn
  2. Hauntless
  3. The Well and the Moonlit Plan
  4. Elysium of Sky
  5. Modern Dreaming
  6. The Stone of Time
  7. The Silver Kingmaker
  8. Night Cycle
  9. Brother of the Night
  10. Idle In The Mist
  11. The Urban

A second collection of shorter, self-contained ambient drones.

I have given each piece the title of an imaginary story.

The music is deeply ambient and minimal, drifting and atmospheric.

Expect volume three to appear some time soon, among the regular longform ambient drone albums.

Total running time: 2:15:01

Released 26 May 2018

All music written, performed and produced by The ambient drones of Bill Baxter.

Album photography and design by by The ambient drones of Bill Baxter.

Cover photo: Aldebaran, the Moon and Theta Tauri rising above Manchester, December 2015.