Blurred Visions Of A City

Lose yourself in the neverending noise of the city.
The atmosphere is electric with sounds and lights.

One continuous lonform drone split into 8 parts.

Total running time: 4:13:05

Released 17 April 2017

All music, design and photography by The ambient drones of Bill Baxter.

Reviews of Blurred Visions Of A City

With this new release, Bill Baxter captures the intoxicating, dizzying, pulsating ambience of a modern city in 8 immersive dronescapes sure to please.

"Blurred Visions of a City" is a guided tour through the city streets, alleys, buildings, stores, tunnels; through the fast-paced living and electric dynamism ... the point where life itself become a blur.

Essential and recommended.

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