New! 2 August 2017

Leaving the land, we drift across the ocean toward the horizon.
The second part in a trilogy of atmospheric ambient drones.

Total runtime: 3:41:16

The 50th ambient drone album!
5+ hours of deeply atmospheric ambient music.

Total runtime: 5:36:15

The wild beauty of nature: rugged cliffs and billowing clouds.
One continuous warm and atmospheric ambient drone.

Total runtime: 4:38:42

Drifting across the night sky. The sounds and colours of the city in the distance.
Air currents, bright, twinkling lights and sounds from somewhere below.

Total runtime: 3:43:16

Quiet, melodic and atmospheric. Slowly drifting over the horizon with the sun.

One continuous chilled out 3 hour drone.

Total runtime: 3:15:37

Looking up at the night sky.
The stars start to appear and the familiar figure of Orion drifts across the darkness.

Total runtime: 4:02:28

From still darkness, light rises above the city skyline. The sun slowly warms the air. The day begins.

One slow, deep and minimal longform ambient drone.

Total runtime: 4:10:16

Lose yourself in the neverending noise of the city.
The atmosphere is electric with sounds and lights.

Reflections is a largely quiet, drifiting ambient drone.

Total runtime: 4:13:05

Light reflected in the gentle ripples of the water.
A cool, gentle breeze blowing onto the land.

Reflections is a largely quiet, drifiting ambient drone.

Total runtime: 4:24:04

A mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam - Carl Sagan

A deep atmospheric soundscape.
Drift like dust.

Total runtime: 7:25:52

Lost in a haze. Mist rolling in off the sea.

One continuous, longform ambient drone that starts in dense fog and ends in a warm glow.

Total runtime: 4:16:27

Darkness falls. A deep blue descends acroos the night sky and reflects upon the water.

A single, slowly developing and sometimes dramatic longform ambient drone.

Total runtime: 5:40:26

Warm and soothing.

Light and warmth by the fire.

A slow and minimal peaceful ambient drone.

Total runtime: 5:45:43

A slow, minimal chilled out drone.

Whispers from the past.

Slowly drifting from one world to another.

Total runtime: 5:57:07

Deep, slow drones lost in ancient ruins.

A perfurmed breeze.

Lights flickering through old windows.

Total runtime: 4:35:26

3 hours of slow, drifting ambient music.

A largely peaceful and atmospheric peace.

Total runtime: 3:01:35

Wisps and shadows. Wind and sunlight through the trees.

An ever evolving journey.

3 hours of peaceful ambient drones.

Total runtime: 2:54:05

The scent of flowers in dark and quiet places.

A place of reflection and peace.

Total runtime: 3:49:18

Music out of nowhere.

The wind blowing through the trees.

The clouds drifting through the sky.

Total runtime: 4:41:55

Slow and heavy.

Rough edges and hidden depths.

Total runtime: 5:00:14

Diving down, deep below the surface.

Slow, epic and powerful longform ambient drone.

Total runtime: 5:38:09

As day turns to night, the sky grows dark with deep, rich colours.

A peaceful, drifitng journey into nightfall.

Total runtime: 1:54:35

Somewhere between the land and the sky.

Somewhere / nowhere. Everything / nothing.

Then peacefully drifting.

Total runtime: 2:30:32

Slow, majestic sounds.

Sea sirens and heavenly choirs across the ether.

Total runtime: 3:17:02

Music to accompany clouds drifting across a deep blue sky.

Total runtime: 2:56:43

A mysterious and slowly evolving trip.

Wisps and shadows.

A 5 hour continuous longform ambient drone.

Total runtime: 5:17:47

In the ether, high above the city.

Twilight lights and warm summer air.

Total runtime: 7:12:48

Mysterious and drifting from darkness to light.

Total runtime: 5:39:16

Mysterious and drifting between calm and noise.

A 4 hour continuous deep ambient drone.

Total runtime: 4:10:24

The ambient drones of Bill Baxter on the radio!

I recorded a chilled out ambient drone session recorded especially for Bing Satellites Mostly Ambient Radio Show, which was broadcast on 16 July 2016.

Total runtime: 52:04

Soft winds blowing in from the ocean.

A peaceful, almost 3 hour longform ambient drone.

Total runtime: 2:59:24

Slow washes drifting.

A peaceful and continuous meditative 3 hours ambient drone.

Total runtime: 3:21:34

A misty haze floats around the room.

A 10 hour continuous longform ambient drone.

Total runtime: 10:26:09

The beauty and mystery of the night sky after sunset, before complete darkness.

Total runtime: 4:06:36

Peace and tranquility.

A breeze blowing through the flowers on a summer's day.

Total runtime: 3:10:47

Deep, mysterious and very ambient.

A journey into deep space.

Total runtime: 5:29:46

Soft rain on green leaves.
Slow notes drifting over a hazy background.

Total runtime: 2:32:33

Slow and drifting.
Music that is there and not there.

One continuous longform ambient drone.

Total runtime: 6:12:16

Drifting quietly through space.
A long, slowly developing ambient drone in seven parts.

Total runtime: 6:01:59

An epic, slow, drifting continuous 17 hour ambient drone.
The music drifts and washes.

I hardly expect anyone to listen to this whole thing in one go, but equally, no one is stopping you.

Total runtime: 17:06:50

Slow and low. Lush and strange.
Deep and chilled longform ambient drone.

Total runtime: 3:22:00

Slow washes and expanding ambient drones.

Total runtime: 3:17:34

Piano based longform ambient drones.
Immerse yourself in the music or let it wash over you.

Total runtime: 3:19:02

Slow and very ambient.
Drifting ambient drones.

Total runtime: 3:16:17

Epic, minimal ambient drones that slowly wash over you.

Total runtime: 3:30:19

One epic slow ambient drone split into twelve parts.
Immerse yourself in the music.

Total runtime: 9:28:15

Long, slow, enveloping ambient drones

Total runtime: 3:17:41

Long, slow and quiet.
A largely peaceful ambient drone.

Total runtime: 2:15:52

Another collection of longform, drifiting ambient soundscapes.

Total runtime: 2:42:48

Deeply chilled nighttime ambient drones

Total runtime: 3:16:31

A collection of dark ambient drones.
City life in slow motion.

Total runtime: 4:58:48

Longform, dark ambient soundscape.
The first of the ambient drone albums I have been working on for some time now. More very soon.

Total runtime: 2:21:17

About The ambient drones of Bill Baxter

It's not a race!

Life can be crazy sometimes. With all the noise and busy-ness, sometimes you need to slow down.

I've been working on these long slow drone soundscapes for quite some time now.

I decided it was about time I shared them with the world.

Expect many more of these albums to appear in the near future.

I hope you enjoy these albums. If you do, please share and spread the word.

BB, May 2016